A Bad Week For Lil Baby As He Gives Quality Control An Ultimatum

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Section 1: Lil Baby is now demanding $5 million from his label Quality Control

Section 2: My Stance on the issue

Lil Baby is now demanding $5 million from his label Quality Control

Lil Baby is not afraid to explain his worth as he demands his record label pay him more money. The Atlanta rapper has had a great year so far, including the release of his first-ever #1 album My Turn. To top that off he has been recognized as Lil Wayne‘s favorite rapper in recent weeks. So, Lil Baby is quite confident with his career going so well that his label pay him more money before he returns to the street life.

Lil baby hopped on Instagram Live to send a message out to Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas to get him his money or he will go back to hustling.


“I told my label they need to give me $5 million or I’m going to hustle, fuck it,” said the rapper on Instagram Live. “Give me $5 million or I’m doing what I do.”

Lil Baby is in fact one of the hottest rapper in the game right now. It maybe a smart move on Quality Controls behalf to pay up in order to not risk the possibility of further social media scrutiny.

My Stance on the Issue

All rappers are well aware of the record label problems they may come across. Trying to demand more money from the label instead of going back to hustling in the streets is not a smart move in my opinion. Many hot rappers become extremely greedy early on in their careers. Yes, all rappers want more money but they can’t just demand it. Though they can demand more money it but doesn’t mean their label will give in to their demands. Seeing as most of the time the artist isn’t in a place to make these demands since their record label is supporting them so without the label they have nothing.

At the end of the day, they signed whatever contract was placed in front of them and may not have read over all the fine print. No one psychically forced or threatened them to sign with the Quality Control record label. They may have been more focused on a number like 3 million or 5 million when the initial contract was put in place. A lot of artists fall victim to this and don’t bother to read over the entire contract which may say they cannot release music when they feel like it or they may have to pay hidden costs they were unaware of. Any new rapper or artist’s first big investment instead of wastefully spending on expensive diamond chains, designer clothes, or fancy cars should be a lawyer to negotiate and explain the contracts to their clients.

A lawyer could easily spot out the record labels jargon that regular people who aren’t familiar with contract signings may miss interpret. Lil Baby himself seems to have fallen victim to this and thinks now because he is a hot artist that he is entitled to more money. At the end of the day, the artist needs the record label more then the record label needs them. When Pierre looks for new talent he is already in a good place with the many artists he has under his label. A new artist may not have the finances or other skills to help land him shows so record labels can use this to their advantage. They can give out low ball million-dollar contracts that sound good, but on paper when you do the math are terrible deals.

So in my opinion artists have no reason to complain if they failed to understand the depth of the contract they signed. They can spend so much money on chains, cars, and clothes but won’t invest those same funds into a good lawyer. The lawyer can help them avoid all record label problems. If things get ugly and Lil Baby does attempt to leave his current record label he may not understand how that can affect him. He may not be able to release any new music he makes because the contract may not be up for several years. If he goes against this and does this any way he could be sued by his former label if he joined a new label. Things could get even worse if his former label wins the lawsuit they would file against him for releasing new music without their consent.

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– Tony Steiner 4/28/2020

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