Burno Fernandes defends Paul Pogba

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Burno Fernandes has defended teammate Paul Pogba by letting critics know they should not expect him to play like Messi or Ronaldo.

Paul Pogba has been constantly scrutinized for his performances since his return to Old Trafford in 2017. This was even after Pogba helped lead his club to two big cup trophies.

Fernandes has backed up Pogba’s skills and has many good things to say about him.

“Paul is coming from a bad moment, because of the situation,” he told the club website. “When he played also, the club and the team was not good, because the expectations are high for Paul, because Paul is a top player and Manchester United pay a lot for him, and expectations are a lot for him.

“It’s normal when you are in that situation you don’t play like a superstar, because everyone expects from Paul like they expect from Ronaldo at Juventus or Messi at Barcelona.

“Everyone expects this from Paul in Manchester, because they know he has the qualities for this. Also this is confidence in Paul. The team, we have a lot of confidence in Paul.”

Since Burno Fernandes has transferred from Sporting CP in January, he hasn’t been able to play in a match with Pogba. Pogba, unfortunately, picked up both a metatarsal and ankle injury that has put him out of action for the club.

Pogba has been upset with the recent injuries he has picked up but is hoping to make a strong comeback.

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