Chris Archer Is Officially A Pittsburgh Pirate

chris archer pittsburgh pirates

In a last minute surprising move, the Pittsburgh Pirates traded two young stars (Austin Meadows) and (Tyler Glasnow) to the Tampa Bay Rays, along with a player to be named later for superstar pitcher Chris Archer.

While news was circulating about the Pirates interest in Archer, most experts considered them a longshot to obtain the young pitcher Archer, and were leaning more towards Atlanta, Milwaukee, or San Diego coming to terms with Tampa on a trade.

Tampa Bay will get three controllable assets in return for their trade with the Pirates. Glasnow entered the 2018 season with less than a full year of service time, and Meadows just made his major league debut with the Pirates this season.

Of course there’s risk in the newly obtained Tampa Bay talent. Glasnow has shown a big arm but still hasn’t used it to the full amount of his abilities. The Pirates have mostly utilized him as a reliever this year, of which he is still issuing 5.5 walks per nine. The upside for Tampa Bay remains tremendous, though. Meadows can boast of a top-prospect pedigree and a .292/.327/.468 slash line in his first 49 MLB games. But he hasn’t hit much in AAA since the start of the 2017 season and had slid down prospect rankings entering the current campaign.

Chris Archer is a very affordable player for a Pirates team that does not spend big money on veteran players, but increasingly expensive ($6.25MM this year, $7.5MM next, with $20MM in options to follow for 2020 and 2021). It has been a while now since his bottom-line results have matched up with the shiny peripherals, and Archer is now closing in on his 30th birthday.

All in all, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays made a good trade. Tampa received two good players, and the Pirates received a veteran starting pitcher.

This season is about to get interesting!

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