Clelin Ferrell recalls Antonio Brown Drama with Mike Mayock

Antonio Brown

A year after Antonio Brown was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders his disorderly rapport began with the team. Browns inability to settle his differences with the team led to his release before the 2019 season kicked off. 

Clelin Ferrell was only in his rookie season when Brown’s drama with the Raiders became the center of attention around the team. Though there were reports of the Brown and Mayock argument during training, the team rarely talked publicly about the incident until Ferrell was questioned about this on Wednesday.

“I was just kind of thrown off by it,” a current defensive end told ESPN’s “First Take.” “Obviously, you see the stuff in the media but when Antonio was in the locker room, he was the chillest dude. I had never really seen that side of either of them, so I was just kind of caught off guard, and was like, ‘Woah! What’s going on here?’ They had a really good relationship. Obviously, the three of them — Antonio, Mike and coach Gruden — they always had a good relationship. I was just kind of caught off guard, but grown men gonna be grown men and have disputes sometimes.”

Ferrell feels the season might have ended completely differently had Brown not have been let go. Though no one knows for certain with Browns constant drama and antics if his skills would be able to be the center of attention instead of his bad attitude.

“When you feel like you got Antonio Brown at his best, the sky would have been the limit for us offensively,” he said. “Just been a guy who is top five in receiving yards and touchdowns every single year. Would have did his thing. When all the different stuff happened with everything going on, that was tough on us. As a team, we just want to be quiet.

Ferrell only wants the best for his former teammate and wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

“Especially with ‘Hard Knocks,’ there was already so much attention and to have all this other stuff added in, it was kind of tough on us. But I feel like, at the end of the day, we just want the best for him because he did go through a lot, so no matter the disarray or dysfunction he has caused, you just want to see him get back to who he was.”

Things were starting to lookup for Brown when he was picked up by the New England Patriots. Brown’s lucky streak quickly ended after only playing one game with the team before being released after several allegations of sexual harassment and rape were brought up by the media.

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