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Drinking alcohol could heighten risk of getting coronavirus

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As the coronovirus continues to leave millions filing for unemployment or working from home full time, alcohol sales have sky rocketed nationwide.

Everyone should be aware that the World Health Organization is saying alcohol may put people at risk for contracting the deadly virus. The alcohol can weaken the immune system of the users and leave drinkers at risk. Drinkers are potentially putting themselves in harms way by possibly partaking in harmful behaviors that would likely increase catching the virus.

Alcohol can come in handy as a great disinfectant on surfaces in need of a clean, but too much alcohol consumption can negatively effect the body. The negative effects only but the body at great risk for not being able to withstand catching the virus.

Everyone needs to be mindful of how their actions can affect not only themselves, but other people. The virus has rapidly spread over the entire world and people should not look to add more ways to infect themselves or others.

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