NBA Youngboy’s BM Explains The Aftermath Of Yaya Mayweather Altercation

Lapattra Jacobs speaks up about the alleged stabbing at NBA Youngboy’s home.

It has been a crazy month to stay at the least for NBA Youngboy. His current girl friend Yaya Mayweather has been involved in an alleged stabbing that took place at his home. The rapper has almost completely vanished from Instagram.NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather have seemingly been trying to move forward, even though she’s currently facing a very lengthy prison sentence. Lapattra Jacobs, the alleged stab victim has had a much different view on this whole situation.

Jacobs issued a response via Instagram to the weeks of abuse she has endured since the incident took place. Jacobs isn’t really use to very much attention and the constant questions about her health and safety since the incident occurred.

“Y’all steady throwing evil comments at me like for what[.] Y’all don’t know me. If y’all was in my shows then y’all would feel the same way (being happy then sad). I’m over the place this some shit I never experience & wouldn’t want nobody to,” she wrote. “I don’t care bout no money. I care about heeling, getting over this & being strong. Then y’all saying I wanted this who want something like this to happen to them that’s crazy.”

The healing and shoes typo aside, Jacobs has continued to show public support for NBA Youngboy.

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