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Pastor Tony Spell Feels All $1,200 Stimulus Checks Should Be Donated To Churches

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The well known controversial pastor Tony spell has ignored social distancing requests. Tony continues to hold in-person services while also asking Americans to donate their entire stimulus checks to his megachurch.

Pastor Tony continues to come under fire since he repeatedly ignores Louisiana’s stay-at-home order to stop the spread of the fatal virus.

Tony had at one point preached that people had “nothing to fear” and that “true Christians do not mind dying.” Though Pastor Tony had high spirits, Americans have quite a bit to fear, the virus has put the world in such disarray that people around the world must practice social distancing. This has stopped many businesses from being able to stay open before having to file for bankruptcy or schools not having to close their doors on students. Many people around the world have either contracted the deadly virus or died from being infected by the virus.

The number of current infections in Louisiana alone has increased to more than 21,000 and the death toll is now way over 1,100.

Now, Pastor Tony is asking his followers to donate their stimulus checks they started receiving this week to evangelists, missionaries, or music ministers who haven’t received any money from church members in over a month.

In a recently posted video, Pastor Tony is currently facing misdemeanor charges for holding services despite a ban on social gathers. Pastor Tony also mentioned in a now-viral video he was starting the #PastorSpellStimulusChallenge.

The challenge relies on three major rules – The challenge will take place on Sunday, people will need to donate their stimulus money to North American evangelists, missionaries and music ministers who ‘haven’t received an offering in a month’.

Spell let the public know that he along with his wife and son would be donating their entire stimulus checks. Though Pastor Tony may be doing this with good intentions in mind he may not have put himself in other American’s shoes. Americans are receiving these checks to help them stay afloat as we go through this rough time. Over 20 million people have had to file for unemployment and the number is growing rapidly every day. The stimulus checks are supposed to help people pay for food, bills, and other major expenses. If Americans give up their entire check to his organization they will be left with absolutely nothing in their pockets and will have to fend for themselves. This is not an ideal solution for everyday churchgoers to go through in order to please their pastors wants and needs.

He also pointed out that if you have no church to donate to, you can donate through his website.

The relief checks began arrive in peoples bank accounts on Wednesday as the economic damage to the US continues to pile up.

Currently, Adults receive up to $1,200 each and $500 for each child to help people for expenses including rent or other utility bills.

Tony welcomed more than 1,300 congregants to his church on Sunday for his Easter service.

He said that people from every state attended for this very special day.

‘My hope is not in a vaccine for a virus, but all my hope is in Jesus,’ he told the congregation.

Tony sought to reassure his congregation, telling them: ‘If you don’t want to touch anyone, you don’t have to touch anyone.

‘I promise that before I lay hands on you or touch you that I will disinfect my hands so that you don’t have to worry about me transmitting anything to you.’

Though this was a nice gesture to the congregation the virus can’t only be attracted just by touch. This is why it is so imperative all people around the globe follow the rules to stay home until it is safe to return to normal activities. Large church gatherings only help spread the virus as people come together and potentially spread the virus between one another and then go back home.

In an earlier interview, Tony was unapologetic when asked if he thought he could have potential blood on his hands by continuing to put people at risk. This is not to mention if they actually do catch the virus from his church service and later die.

‘Like any revolutionary, or like any zealot, or like any pure religious person, death looks to them like a welcome friend,’ he said.

‘True Christians do not mind dying. They fear living in fear.’

Since then Pastor Tony has been arrested on March 31 and charged with sex misdemeanors. This is all for violating the governors executive order that limits gatherings to no more than 10 people.

Police Chief Roger Corcoran called Spell’s decision to keep holding church services both ‘reckless and irresponsible. ‘

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