TALO – A smart toothbrush that fits & cleans in seconds

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Section 1: What is TALO?

Section 2: TALO features

Section 3: Kickstarter 

What is TALO?












TALO is a revolutionary half-mouth toothbrush with brushes that self-adjust to individually clean your teeth and gums. This new way to keep your teeth clean can all be done in under 20 seconds.

Teeth brushing is very important but its more important on how you brush. The toothbrush used the recommended ADA’s brushing method.

TALO was crafted by top engineers and dentists. Both parties were able to create this new looking toothbrush shape that gives you a new tooth brushing experience.

TALO features


This amazing toothbrush has some great features that help it stand out from the competition:


  • Easily fits ANY adult mouth size
  •  Rapidly cleans every tooth evenly in 20 seconds with the right pressure and angle
  •  Gently cleans along the gum line
  •  Effortlessly brushes your teeth with the American Dental Association’s recommended Bass Techniques


If you would like to learn more this game changing toothbrush you can checkout the teams Kickstarter page:



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