Playboi Carti Returns With 1 New Single

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Playboi Carti is back with a brand new single called “@ MEH”.

After teasing fans that he had something new coming this week, Playboi Carti finally released his new single “@ MEH.”

For months, Carti fans had been patiently waiting and wondering when the Atlanta rapper would return back to the music scene.

Rapping over a game boy type beat, the Atlanta rapper invites all his haters to continue throwing dirt on his name. The song is quite repetitive and hard to understand as he mumbles through the lyrics.

His new single has fans wondering when they can expect Whole Lotta Red will be ready for them to hear. Carti has not hinted at when this project will be released, but it could be as soon as tonight or sometime further down the road. Only time will be able to help us figure out what he plans to do.

After waiting for such a long time, let us know your initial thoughts on “@ MEH.”

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