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Adrien Broner Held In Contempt Of Court

He was previously ordered to pay an $800K judgment but never did

Adrien Broner took a blow from the judge he wasn’t expecting while being held in contempt of court. On November 2nd, Broner found himself facing off with a judge over a civil lawsuit filed by a woman. The woman claimed in 2018 that she was sexually assaulted by the boxer. Sources from Cleveland.com say Broner has been ordered to pay the accuser $800K, but he failed to turn over any documents to the court. The paperwork was supposed to explain why Broner was unable to make a payment.


Broner did himself no justice when attempting to fight for his freedom by explaining to Judge Nancy Margaret Russo that he only had $13.00 cash to his name. The boxer recently decided to post a video of large amounts of bills spread out on a table. Judge Russo did not take kindly to this, saying, “Mr. Broner has continually defied every [court order] I’ve given,” said Russo. “The jig is up today.”

The judge questioned Broner on where he gets the money he flashes on Instagram. Broner told the jduge he has rich friends who are able to give him cash. Stanley Jackson, Broner’s attorney, started working for him back in September. Jackson spoke on his clients behalf by saying he maybe suffering from mental health and alcohol dependency problems. Broner’s lawyer tried to further persuade the judge by saying Broner relies heavily on others to take care of him including his mother, managers, and promoters.

Check out Broner speaking with Judge Russo in the courtroom below before being taken into custody.

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