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Trump says he is now taking hydroxychloroquine, dismisses safety concerns

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Trump says he is now taking hydroxychloroquine

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Trump says he is now taking hydroxychloroquine

President Donald Trump told the press on Monday that he is taking a malaria drug to protect him against the coronavirus. Trump made this odd decision, despite several warnings from his own government that the drug should only be administered for COVID-19 only in a hospital or research facility setting. The warning s are due to potentially fatal side effects that all users need to be well aware of.

Told told the press he has been taking the drug, hydroxychloroquine, and a zinc supplement daily “for about a week and a half now.” Trump spent several weeks trying to push the drug as a potential cure or prophylaxis for COVID-19. This was against the orders of many top medical professionals who advised the president against this.

Trump told the press that his doctor did not recommend the drug to him, but he requested it from the White House physician.

“I started taking it because I think it’s good,” Trump said. “I’ve heard a lot of good stories.”

The Food and Drug Administration warned health professionals last month about this drug. The Administration said this drug should not be used to treat COVID-19 outside of hospital research settings. Regulators issued the alert for the drug, which also can be used to lupus and arthritis. This alert was after receiving reports of heart-rhythm problems, including deaths, from poison control  centers and other health care providers.

Trump has dismissed all reports of side effects, saying, “All I can tell you is, so far, I seem to be OK.”

So far two White House staffers that tested positive for COVID-19 early this month. This pandemic has sparked concerns about the steps taken by the administration to protect the president.

The White House has ordered those in the West Wing Wear face coverings and has introduced daily testing methods for the virus to help protect the president, vice president, and those who are in close contact with them.

Trump last underwent an “interim” checkup in a November. The presidents visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that was not noted on his public schedule. The presidents last completed physical took place in February 2019.

The president continues to push the use of the drug with or without the antibiotic azithromycin. The only problem with this is that no studies have found this drug safe or effective for preventing or treating COVID-19.

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– Tony Steiner

– Date: 5/18/2020

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